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  • Donnie Hailey posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Ok, I have a question about the ridge pole support logs. Plans had to be changed with the orientation of the house. No type of foundation for the rpsls now. Can I put down a concrete pad with a piece of flashing, then the felt for them to stand on? They will be inside the walls, with a wrap around porch to keep them dry.

    • The flashing would overlap the pad. Hopefully to keep termites from reaching the log

    • Depending on the load of the roof (you should know this from your structural engineer) if you have a heavy roof (most are) you should try and dig a hole for your pad deep enough not to be affected by earth movement due to frost. The RPSL’s are fastened to your log walls every other log so these take some of the strain. All I can say is try your best to get as deep a pad as you can as getting this wrong now will create some interesting “roof” problems in the future. Haven’t seen a picture for a while 😉