• Donnie Hailey posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    We aren’t going any higher with the logs. The floor of the loft will be about even with the cap logs. There will be a 12 in 12 pitch on the roof, and the loft will be from the girder log to the gable end of one end. Span of about 13 feet.
    I was thinking that I could lay the joists timbers on three foot centers on the gable end cap log and the…[Read more]

    • admin replied 1 week ago

      OK I see, I am sure it will be fine the way you detailed it

  • Donnie Hailey posted a new activity comment 1 week, 3 days ago

    Oh yeah, the joists will span about 13 feet.

  • I am planning to build the loft floor using 7 inch average timbers for the joists (sawing flats on two sides). Then car decking for the floor.
    Will ledger boards be substantial enough? Do I need to try to pin them to the logs some way? (Besides toe nailing them {ie: screws} on the ends?)

  • Donnie Hailey posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Thank you admin guy! That’s kinda what I thought could be done, just wasn’t sure if the lag bolts would be enough. I guess I bolt the ledger board to the log about every three to four feet?

  • Donnie Hailey posted a new activity comment 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I look forward to hearing the tips!

    • attach a 2×10 or 2×12 to the log you want to use to secure your floor and then attach your floor joist brackets to that 🙂

  • A question about attaching the floor to the sill logs. Do I just lag bolts a two by the the logs? Does it need blocks to stabilize the boards against the log?

  • Let’s try again
  • Tried to post a picture. It must be too big, and I don’t know how to adjust the size on this phone.

  • We have the walls all stacked, the cap logs are on, the girder log is in and it’s support log is done! Now the roof!

  • Donnie Hailey posted an update 1 month ago

    The weather cooperated for a little while, and Deb and I got the tenth course of logs up! All that’s left is the course with the girder log and the cap logs! We have contacted Shane Gust from Gusts Timber Frame and Log Home Supply to do our roof. Awesome guy that has given me advise on the build.

  • I used to tell my scuba students that the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask. So, do the rpsls need to be as big on top as the ridge pole diameter is? Or, can they be smaller?

    • HA HA – You will be lucky to find logs that will be the same width at the top as the width of your big ridge poll. So as big as you can get. If required a bracket can also be secured around the RPSL at the top to better secure the ridge pole in place if you think it needs it

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  • Haven’t been working on the house since this single digit weather has been here. I do have a short time lapse video that my daughter made with her go-pro. If I can get it to load I will put it up.
    Why do the rspls need to be bolted every other log? That’s a lot of bolts.

  • Donnie Hailey posted a new activity comment 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    The flashing would overlap the pad. Hopefully to keep termites from reaching the log

  • Ok, I have a question about the ridge pole support logs. Plans had to be changed with the orientation of the house. No type of foundation for the rpsls now. Can I put down a concrete pad with a piece of flashing, then the felt for them to stand on? They will be inside the walls, with a wrap around porch to keep them dry.

    • The flashing would overlap the pad. Hopefully to keep termites from reaching the log

    • Depending on the load of the roof (you should know this from your structural engineer) if you have a heavy roof (most are) you should try and dig a hole for your pad deep enough not to be affected by earth movement due to frost. The RPSL’s are fastened to your log walls every other log so these take some of the strain. All I can say is try your…[Read more]

  • May end up having to buy a few logs. Struggling to find enough on the mountain that I can cut without dropping them on my fences. Can I smaller logs? I have been making sure that the logs were at least eight inches on the small end.

  • My daughter, (US Navy helicopter pilot) came home for the holidays. She helped peel a couple of logs and raise the first log of the tenth course. So far so good!
    We stopped by Gust Timber Frame and Log Home Supply in Bean Station, TN just to look. When the owner found out we stopped, he called and asked if he could come take a look. We spent…[Read more]

  • Merry Christmas from the mountain

  • You have my sincere apologies. I assumed you were connected with the Elsworth classes. They appearantly have a guide. You just have to spend thousands as you said to obtain it and be a part of their ” closed ” group. I truly appreciate your efforts with this site. Just get a bit frustrated not having a reference of some sort.

    • No need to apologize. I will try over time to add more information and I assure you that there is no “one way” to build your home, so keep going and I will try and help if I can.

  • There are some of us that want to know how to build by your method, and are not able to afford the class, much less the airfare and accommodation. Why isn’t there a book on just this method for sale? Searched a lot, haven’t found anything!

    • Hi Donnie, this method is a self build option so not commercial and therefore wouldn’t make anyone any money if they tried to market it. Some of us have built this method and are happy to share our knowledge. You can spend $1000’s of dollars to get “insider” information, but I hoped that this website would attract people like me that wanted to…[Read more]

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