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Is the butt and pass method the best?

June 16, 2017 in User Blogs

When talking to people I am often asked, why is the butt and pass method the best for building a log home?


Why do so many people have negative opinions regarding the butt and pass method?

Clearly you can choose to build your log home in any style you wish or buy a kit and have it assembled on site. There are merits for all these options and depending on “what you know” your chosen method will be the best for you.

If you have some land (logs or not) and are looking for a method of building a log home that requires very little in the way of “skills” and could cost as little as a few thousand dollars, then the butt and pass method is a great choice.

Typically you won’t find many people talking up a butt and pass log home for the following reasons:

  • They support or are supported by another style of build (re: they make money from building other styles)
  • They have no knowledge of the butt and pass method
  • People can’t make money from this method as it’s always a self build option so, why bother promoting it?

In simple terms the butt and pass method removes the need to rely on others and therefore those “others” have no means of taking your hard earned cash.

Take it from me, a butt and pass log home built using rebar pins is as strong as any other type of log home. With good planning your butt and pass log home will require very little maintenance and will last 100’s of years.

When you take a tree, remove the bark, hammer it together with other logs and throw on a roof, what is left for all those “craftsman” that would have “done something” to help you “craft” your home!

Go get your hands dirty and build a butt and pass log home, you will never regret you did.


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butt and pass passive solar design

Passive solar design to help reduce heating costs

June 9, 2017 in User Blogs

When it comes to heating and cooling your butt and pass log home there are lots of traditional options that you can use but it is very important to first consider and plan the orientation of your home (passive solar design) and consider other options such as slopes and trees. READ MORE

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Why should I build a butt and pass log home?

April 23, 2017 in News

Why you should build a butt and pass log home?

When you choose to build a butt and pass log home, you are not only choosing a home that you will enjoy for the rest of your life but in fact you have built a home that will provide enjoyment for many generations, ensuring a solid, sustainable value.

Gorgeous Construction (the envy of all your friends)

build a butt and pass log home

The exposed wood look gives a rustic, elegant character to your home.


Depending on your final design, butt and pass log homes have a naturally very high r-value. This means that your home will warm up quickly in the winter and stay cool, naturally, through the summer, saving you $1000’s on heating and cooling bills.


Your home is built with a completely natural, sustainable material and by using the butt and pass method, you won’t be spending $1000’s on maintenance.


The cost of building a butt and pass log home ranges from $1 (I am not kidding, it can be built for almost nothing if you already have land and trees) to whatever you want to spend, and will last for generations.

Why a butt and pass log home?

Once you have decided to build a log home, you need to decide on which method of construction you will use.
Not all log homes are the same. I would ask you to do your research and look into all the different methods of log home construction. Of course, I’m pretty confident that the butt and pass method for building a log home will always come out on top.

Your log home needs to be built to last. You need a construction method you can trust.

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Welcome to the site

April 16, 2017 in News

This really is just a test post to check out the workability of the site, so please skip by this…