Tools needed to build butt and pass log walls

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Tools needed to build butt and pass log walls
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Tools needed to build butt and pass log walls

Believe me when I tell you that all the tools you need to build a butt and pass log wall can fit in the trunk of your car. Here are the items you will need:

  • Hammer (a big one)
  • Chain saw
  • Bark spud
  • Log dogs
  • Rope and pulleys (some type of crane / forklift is quicker but will not fit in the back of your car)
  • Rebar cutter
  • Tape measure

That’s it. Everything you need to get your butt and pass log walls built can be carried by your grandma! Two pairs of hands is all you need but the more people that contribute, the easier and quicker the walls will go up.

  • Drill: To drill the holes into the logs
  • Hammer: To hammer the rebar through the top log (that you have drilled) and into the bottom log – as big a hammer as you can handle
  • Chain saw: To cut the logs
  • Bark spud: To remove the bark from the logs (one hell of a job – plan to take several weeks to complete this task)
  • Log dogs: To hold the logs in place while you are drilling the holes
  • Rope and pulleys: To lift the logs – requires some basic knowledge to assemble the pulley system – I prefer to use a crane (does cost a lot more)
  • Rebar cutter: To cut the rebar
  • Tape measure: To ensure your walls are square

Of course you can use other tools to make life easier but the above are the only items you will need to get your log walls built.

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