Rebar position in your pier block

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Rebar position in your pier block
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Where to stick the rebar in the pier blocks?

When you have built your pier block forms and are ready to pour the concrete, you will need to know where to position each piece of rebar in your pier block. As this is the place where your log home is secured to the foundations, it’s best to get it right.

Take a look at the diagram below and I will explain how to calculate the positioning of the rebar.

A = The width of the foundation top

B = Half the length of A

C = Half the diameter of the logs for your first row

rebar position butt and pass pier block

The location of your rebar in the pier block

Getting the rebar length right

  • Make sure that your rebar is about 6 inches from the bottom of the pier block after you have inserted it
  • Your rebar must pass through the first log and have about 3 to 4 inches sticking out so you can bend it over to secure the log in place (bend a long the length of the log)
  • Remember that you will have builders felt and a sill plate between the top of the foundation and the log, so you need to add 2 inches to the length of the rebar to accommodate this

Below is a diagram of what the pier block should look like:

pier block butt and pass foundation between log and pier

Note the extra needed for the builders felt and sill plate


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