Chinking mortar

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Chinking mortar
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What is the best mortar to chink a butt and pass log wall?

When it comes to chinking your walls you will have plenty of options. Basically your options fall into two categories, natural and synthetic.

Synthetic may look like the easy solution but with its excessive cost and poor performance, I would suggest steering well clear of synthetic.

Now for the option that really can’t be beat. A mortar mix that breathes and is way, way cheaper than any other option.

Use the “recipe” below and you will have the best looking chinking of any log home for miles around 🙂

Mortar (chinking) mixture – This mixture will breathe and costs a fraction of any other chinking alternative

Add water to the consistency of peanut butter

Have fun chinking your butt and pass log walls 🙂

Due to the nature of walls shrinking towards their center, you will have to “touch up” your chinking once in a while

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