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About Us

Hello and welcome to the butt and pass log home community website. What is this website for? I guess this is the first question you are asking yourself?

Better I just tell you what you can do here.

  • Register so you become a part of the community (you have done that already)
  • Spend some time reading the forums and knowledge base to gather as much information as you can
  • You can start to ask questions, share your experiences and help others
  • You can make friends and keep in contact via the website
  • You can contribute to the forums and knowledge base and help others
  • You can create groups for absolute anything
  • and much more…

I like you, was interested in building my own home. For me it was the attraction of owning my own home with no mortgage and the sense of accomplishment of having built my very own log home. For you it could be anything from just having some spare time to needing to put a roof over your head or else you would be homeless. Whatever the reason, the fact you are here means one thing, you are interested in building your own home and I hope I and the rest of the community can help you realize your dream of doing so.

I created this website for butt and pass log home builders (and would be builders) because I have always believed that the butt and pass method is truly the best and cheapest way to build your own home. But before I came to realize this, I first started out looking for information on building a log home and I was always frustrated at the lack of information, the lack of reliable advice and that there was no singular place for me to ask and share my questions and thoughts. Of course there are plenty of paid services and member only forums where you will get awesome help and advice, for a price, but that just went against my whole ideology of building and sharing everything with others. And I steered well clear of “manufactured” log home builders, as I knew in my heart that their only true reason for doing this business was to make a profit at any cost.

So I created this website which is 100% free to join and use because I wanted to create a place where anyone, regardless of experience or background could meet with others, form relationships and move their project of building a butt and pass log home from conception all the way to completion.

I love everything there is about the butt and pass method of building a log home and I also love and respect all those people who share the same dream.

If you like the website and would like to contribute to the running of the site, then please use the donate button below. It costs around $150 a year to maintain the website, so any donation, no matter how small is greatly appreciated 🙂

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